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Rumors have been swirling that Nicki Minaj is pregnant ever since she started posting pics with her husband, Kenneth Petty–but now, she’s tweeting some trigger words that have fans thinking she’s really got a bun in the oven this time.

The rapper was dropping some not-so-subtle hints about being pregnant on Thursday during a Twitter Q&A session to promote her new remix of Doja Cat’s “Say So.” The first clue she dropped came when she mentioned the foods she’s been craving after one fan asked if she was busy cooking while staying at home during the coronavirus quarantine.

“Absolutely,” Minaj wrote. “Steak. Shrimp. Plus my famous cheeseburgers. So good. Been really having red meat cravings then salad cravings with extra jalapeños. Ordered chicken nachos that didn’t come with jalapeños. Who does that? Wow.”

It didn’t take long for Barbz to pick up on Nicki’s word choice, with one follower going on to ask, “Are you also throwing up in morning and having to go to the bathroom a lot?” That definitely got Minaj’s attention, with her playing along right back.

“Lmao,” Minaj responded. “No throwing up. But nausea and peeing non stop. Omg what do u think this means guys???? Lmaooooooooooo.”

It’s possible Nicki’s just trolling here, but it’s also possible that she’s 100% serious. So, her followers immediately started to request baby bump photos. She replied, “Yea in a couple of months. The world ain’t ready yet,” which, again, could all be a tease–or, it could mean the rapper is trying to get pregnant and hopes she’ll be well on her way in a few months time.

Nicki Minaj is known for joking around with her loyal fans all day long, so there’s a pretty good chance this entire exchange was solely for the purpose of sparking media attention, like with this very article.

Either way, the COVID-19 quarantine would be the perfect time for a celebrity to hide an entire pregnancy à la Kylie Jenner, so someone is bound to pop up with a baby when this is all said and done.


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