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It was all good just three weeks ago when we were rooting for Condola, her braid and those biker shorts to win. At the time, she seemed nice while working with Issa on the block party until she wasn’t which, naturally, put Twitter on  alert.

Whyyy would she just ghost Issa–her business partner and friend–out the blue?? Well, we found out last night in a flabbergasting revelation where she basically admitted to dodging Issa’s calls after breaking up with Lawrence (WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLOCK PARTY) in a strangely childish revelation that sparked hilarious chaos across Twitter.

Peep the very necessary dragging of childish Condola on the flip.

“Where are the pitchforks for confetti?! That bih just decided to stop doing her job behind a n*gga she didn’t even want to cut turkey with. Shows up with her mermaid braid, no notice, & was a complete b*tch. didn’t even bother to take accountability or apologize. #InsecureHBO” – Issa definitely should’ve cussed her out

“The real a** whooping should’ve been handed to Condola and that braid.” – and still, it rises

“”Lawrence didn’t tell you that we broke up?”

What that shit got to do with you answering MY phone calls?! You 36.” – grown as Hell and raggedy

“List of names I’ve seen for Condola:
– Condoleezza
– Condolences
– Comcast
– Confetti
– Carpet Cleaner
– Condominium
– Contagious
– Condoning
– Canola Oil
– Condensed Milk
– Consolation
– Consequences
– Cantu
– Condiments
– Controlla
– Console
– Camcorder
– Gondola” – and we love them all

“Condolences acted like she wasn’t even remotely serious about Lawrence. So that whole we broke up bit confused tf outta me. Is it oochie wally or one mic?” – at this point, we don’t know if she even knows


Condola and that braid:
#InsecureHBO” – the most slandered braid in premium TV history

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“Guarantee Condolences’ ego is hurting more than her heart even if Lawrence is truly just her rebound. She’s definitely the type to think she’s superior to a woman like Issa which is why she was able to “befriend” her despite the circumstances. Issa wasn’t threatening. BUT GOD” – THIS

“But what does Lawrence & Condola breaking up have to do with Issa & Condola planning the Block Party #InsecureHBO” – not a damn thing!

“Condola been MIA but wanna show up to check on a damn truck.

She wanted to see the event fail too. Her and Molly are both sad ass birds.” – saddest birds on TV


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