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We don’t believe you. You need more people.

Ahmaud Arbery is dead because two racist white men hunted and killed him in a modern-day lynching. William Roddie Bryan recorded the last horrifying minutes of Ahmaud’s life on camera. Today, Bryan is playing dumb he don’t know nothin’ bout nothin’.

The suspeKKKt KKKameraman and his fiancée sat for an interview with Action News Jacksonville to talk about how scared he is now that’s he’s been called upon for arrest and worse by a public who will not stand for anything less than justice.

Bryan claims that while he did record Ahmaud’s murder, he was not “with” the men, Gregory and Timothy McMichael, who killed him.

“I had nothing to do with it. I’m trying to get my life back to normal, and it’s been smeared for the last week,” Bryan said. “I was told I was a witness and I’m not sure what I am, other than receiving a bunch of threats.”

Let him tell it, he’s in “complete shock. I’ve never been involved in anything like that before,” but we’re not exactly sold on his golly-gee-shucks defense. Not only does he give no explanation as to why he was filming, he also doesn’t explain how the attorney who leaked the video got it. Moreover, the police report DOES implicate Bryan as it reads “Roddy attempted to block him, which was unsuccessful.”

People are on this guy’s a$$ and rightfully so.

“I am not feeling safe at all … I haven’t felt safe in at least 3-to-5 days now,” Bryan said. “Like Amy (Bryan’s fiancee) has said, the threats have been real.”

You damn skippy they are real and so is the life that the racist a$$ McMicaels stole from this earth. There’s a special place here on Earth and in hell for them and this guy.


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