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Who “don’t get tired”???

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An alleged sex tape of a certain “2 Phones” rapper has surfaced and fans think he’s clearly quite exhausted. Kevin Gates was a trending topic Saturday after a video surfaced seemingly showing the New Orleans rapper smashing someone to smithereens.

In the (very brief) clip, the “Don’t Get Tired” rapper is looking directly into his phone’s camera while having sex with an unidentified woman. We, of course, can’t show it to you, but there’s also speculation that the woman is not the married rapper’s significant other Dreka Gates, although it’s hard to tell.

Fans are particularly peeved about the short super unsatisfying tape because Kevin’s spoken openly about his sexual prowess. Most recently he raved about his ability to please his partner in an interview with Nick Cannon on Power 106.

“It pleases me to please my partner, that’s just me. Why do I have such a high sex drive? I practice retention,” said Gates. “I aim to please my partner. To explore a woman’s body is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Don’t tell me your spot, let me find it. If she ain’t squirt I ain’t do my job.”

Oh yeah???


Kevin seems unbothered by all of this.

“Distractions come and go but by all means stay focused!!!!#EyesOnThePrize Flexed biceps#StillHoldUp,” he tweeted.

Get some rest, Kevin.

More reactions on the flip.

Kevin’s wife has yet to react to the tape. Her last post on Instagram featured her husband offering advice to a woman who was trying out swinging with her husband.

People are turning the moment into pure comedy on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

“Me watching the #kevingatesvideo & seeing him not do s*** he was talking about in those songs.”

Some people are befuddled by a Kevin Gates sextape existing in the first place.”

“Chile why is there a #KevinGates sex tape on my TL?”

Others are noticing that the video’s background looked a little…..worse for wear.
“Who’s grandma house was he in with that headboard? #KevinGates #KevinGatesVideo”

The majority of people look QUITE unimpressed by what they’ve seen in the alleged tape.

“I came to see the #KevinGates ”Sex Tape” and…”

People are pointing out in the alleged sextape that there’s clearly no condom.

“It’s one thing to cheat on your wife. It’s another thing to not even wear a condom. AND you the one recording the video?! My goodness. #kevingatesvideo”

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Some people are copping pleas for Kevin. We’re unsure as to why, but…

“So wait, people see a 45 second clip of Kevin Gates and disappointed that he didn’t do all the shit had says he does on 5 albums? Y’all expect him to eat a** while holding the camera? #kevingatesvideo”

People are STILL claiming that black men don’t cheat despite Kevin’s alleged philandering in the video.

“Kevin Gates:*cheats on his wife* Black men don’t cheat Association: #kevingatesvideo”



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