Is Justin Timberlake Welcome To A Versuz Battle?

Fair Or Foul: Debate Rages Over Whether Or Not Justin Timberlake Should Be Invited To A Verzuz Battle After Record With Black Culture

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The world is looking for a new Verzuz battle with plenty of people looking for competition. DMX has been clamoring for Jay-Z. Missy has been in the mix looking for someone to battle. The world is waiting for someone to challenge Drake or Lil Wayne or Jay-Z. What about Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey?

One debate that sparked this weekend was the idea of Usher trying to find the perfect competition. In Usher’s discussion with Swizz about potential opponents, Justin Timberlake’s name was mentioned.

This set us a debate that raged all weekend.

There are a few moving parts here we have to work out:
1. Justin Timberlake absolutely has a gang of hits, especially if you count his N’Sync hits. He has classics, bops and everything in between.

2. Justin Timberlake has a…problematic relationship with the Black community. He infamously threw Janet Jackson under the bus after their Super Bowl incident, never speaking up for her and enjoying the fame. He also gave us some Trump-land chic with his latest trash album. Many in the community saw this as a repudiation of the culture that made him famous.

3. Are Verzuz battles even for white people? We know Scott Storch participated but that was early on before this was a behemoth. Does Scott count? Why the outrage over Timberlake and not Storch?

4. Is Timberlake even a fair match with Usher? Yes Timberlake has hits but 20? To match up with Ursh?

Either way, the Internet was all over the debate and there were definitely casualties. Hit the flip to see the carnage.



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