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This b!t¢h done lost her muthaf***in’ mind.

Ahmaud Arbery was murdered by two despicable father and song soup cookies named Gregory and Timothy McMichael. Gregory, the father, also has a soup cookie daughter named Lindsay McMichael. She is 30-years-old.

According to The Sun, Lindsay posted a photo of Ahmaud Arbery’s blood-soaked corpse on her Snapchat page. Why would Lindsay do such a heinous thing? Well, she explained why she did it with what is undoubtedly the very worst excuse for such behavior that has ever been proffered in human history. It’s so infuriating, in fact, that we are actively wishing bad on her as we speak. We should be so lucky if something awful would befall such a heartless white devil.

Peep her excuse:

“I had no nefarious or malicious intent when I posted that picture,” she told the outlet. “The thing is I’m a huge fan of true crime — I listen to four or five podcasts a week — I’m constantly watching that sort of thing.”

“It was more of a, ‘Holy s–t, I can’t believe this has happened,’” she added. “It was absolutely poor judgment.”

B!T¢H, ARE YOU CRAZY?! Poor judgment? Poor judgment is texting your ex after 5 shots of 1942. Poor judgment is buying those Jordans when you know your light bill is about to be due. Poor JUDGMENT is telling your wife or girlfriend the truth about how that dress makes her look. THIS? No, no, no, this is not poor judgment. This is the devil. Satan. Beelzebub. Evil incarnate. A Ritz cracker who thinks that a dead Black man who her father and brother killed is fodder for likes and reposts on her Snapchat.

We truly hope that this woman dies of the most unnatural causes imaginable. FDB!

That said, there is a sick silver lining in all this. The Arbery family lawyer Lee Merritt breaks it down in his response statement:

“The picture Lindsay McMichael posted was very disturbing and very disturbing to the family.

“It also highlights that there are probably more video and more images of before, during and after Ahmaud’s murder – these images aren’t meant for public consumption in this way.

“It actually fits in with the pattern of the McMichael family engaging in a weird, violent form of voyeurism.

“First you have [Gregory] McMichael sharing with a news station a video of the murder then you have his daughter sharing an image of Ahmaud’s bullet-ridden body on Snapchat. It’s deeply disturbing behavior.”

We will not be sharing the photo that Lindsay posted, however, Merritt is right. The photo that Lindsay posted was not from the video that was released by her father. It was from a complete different angle which suggests that there may be other videos and photos from that day that the public has not been privy to.

Oh, and just in case you weren’t pissed off enough by this spoiled jar of mayo, check out what she said to The Sun recently about the racial aspect of her father and brother’s bloodlust:

“I’ve never dated anyone of the same race since I was 19, and my dad and my brother loved everyone I’ve ever dated as if they were their own son or brother.

“These are the people I brought home with what my dear mama cooked for and gave everything to.”




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