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Bernie Sanders Kicks-off Campaign In NYC

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We saw the groundhog’s shadow this year which means that we get another annual article exposing Shaun King as a fraud and scammer. This one came via the good folks at The Daily Beast who have been following King’s money and issues for months, now. The article notes that his startup The North Star is full of shady layoffs, faulty subscriber practices and inconsistencies with number of supporters.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here is one tasty tidbit:

According to the auditors he selected to go through his finances, King received “absolutely no compensation, directly or indirectly, from the tens of millions of dollars that he has helped to raise for families in crisis during this five year period of our review,” with the exception of “a modest income of $4,166 per month” from his work with Real Justice PAC. They also write that they “reviewed Shaun’s full tax returns filed jointly with his spouse” for a time period including 2013—though tax filings for that year are inexplicably omitted from their report.

But an IRS filing from that same year for HopeMob, the crowdfunding site that King established in 2012, shows that he was paid more than $160,000 for tax year 2013 as CEO of the organization, nearly 40 percent of the funds it raised that year. King did not respond to questions about the discrepancy between IRS documents and his previous statement that he was paid that money “over a period of a few years.”

We had to say we told you so, but we did.

This has brought up a whole lot of other old accusations and slander like only the Internet can.

Hit the flips for jokes, slander and more.

“Top 10 Shaun King Nicknames.

1. Talcum X
2. Martin Luther Cream
3. W.E.B. DeFraud
4. Albino Sharpton
5. Snow J. Simpson
6. Crooker T. Washington
7. Hueless P. Newton
8. Stevie Wonderbread
9. Nelson Vanilla

“Chile, I can go to bed peacefully tonight knowing Shaun King (Talcum X) and Amy Cooper (Central Park Karen) are both trending for being exposed for the frauds that they are.

Gooood night”

“Only a white man like Shaun King can create tons of failed start-ups and keep getting new ones funded by the generosity of white liberal donors.

Black grifters could never.”

“Before you created your Twitter account…

Before Trump decided to run for president…

We exposed Shaun King.”

“Let me Re-Up this video since twitter is dragging Shaun King for filth again! Poor Dr. Luther cream lol”

“It’s not lost on me that a woman’s career can be cancelled (Doja Cat) IN DAYS but it feels like it takes CENTURIES to cancel a man (Shaun King) who has been proven to do wrong time and time again.

I hate sexism.”

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“Shaun King, a White scam artist and con man, profits off of Black trauma porn. The fact that you still have to be told this is sad. And y’all give him money.

Give directly to BLACK women who make sure to give back to our community. Give to

“Shaun King, beyond the fact that he makes millions off of Black trauma, gives many (white) folks what they need to continue delegitimizing Black lives. His grifting paints the picture that the acts of systemic racism, he supposedly fights, are sensationalized & dismissible.”



“Shaun King finessed over $30 million pretending to be an activist??”


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