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Madonna, social justice warrior and collector of Black kids like they’re Digimon, has a solution for the problem of racism and white supremacy that is terrorizing the world. Is she marching? Nah. Is she donating to Black Lives Matter campaigns? Well, we hope. But most importantly? She has her son, David Banda do some Michael Jackson-influenced dancing in their kitchen to stomp away racism.

It, uh, looked like this:

The whole dance craze had everyone perplexed, confused, astounded and belly-laughing. Seriously, what the hell is this? She wants this kid to dance away the racism? How does him doing these things in the kitchen save the world? This the best you got?

The internet lost its damn mind and the jokes, memes and hilarity was off the charts. Hit the flip to see it.

“Madonna waking her black son up this morning to dance to end racism”

“Why is #Madonna trending?

*looks at phone*”

“Someone said this is what Madonna *thinks* her son looks like when dancing”

“Still not over Madonna having her son on here like Lil Magic”

“I can’t believe Madonna made her son pop lock for racism. I’m so entertained”

“If your boyfriend don’t dance like madonna’s son for you don’t buy him that ps5”

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“The oppression and racism leaving us after Madonna told her son to dance”

“madonna to her black son:”

“Madonna: “Get out the car and dance for your PEOPLE David!”

Madonna’s son:”

“Madonna when her son says “I don’t feel like dancing today””


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