Biker Yells NWord At Protesters Passing By & Catches The Hands Of Malcolm X

Mayo-Colored Biker Yells The N-Word At Protesters Passing By & Catches The Hands Of Malcom X & MLK [Video]

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Black Livers Matter Protest Sign

Source: Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images / Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Protests all over the world are happening night after night calling for need for change in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. While many, if not all of the protests have been peaceful, there are always a few detractors who can’t stand watching the movement. Even though they see they are outnumbered 10,000 to 1, they still have to go against the grain.

As previously reported, on Saturday an anti-protester hopped out of his car and yelled “All Lives Matter” before heading to the back of his car for a weapon. His weapon of choice–for some reason–was a bow and arrow, but unlike the Avengers movie, this Hawkeye had the worst time ever.

This video going viral would make you think these All Lives Matter people and anti-protesters know better than to take their racism from Facebook to the streets–But yesterday, a biker in Huntington Beach had to learn the hard way.

While the protesters passed him, he yelled out at them before they responded back and kept it moving. That’s when the biker yelled the N-word, which prompted the protesters to charge right at him, this time, leaving the racist looking like one of Andy’s toys from Toy Story when someone yells “ANDY’S COMING!”

Catch the video in its glory for yourself down below.



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