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Protests continue over the death of George Floyd in Atlanta

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Last night was one for the history books. Several major American cities when up in flames, angry protests, and violent rebellion in reaction to the viral murder of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin and three of his Minneapolis Police Department colleagues.

While there were certainly many people who came out to peacefully voice their disgust with the current status quo in the “justice system” but the frustration and rage spilled over into fiery chaos, broken windows, and other displays of being tired AF of the current condition of American accountability.


Source: JOHN AMIS / Getty

In Atlanta, police cars burned, the CNN building was defaced and damaged, and high-end malls and shopping districts were looted.

In the midst of the uprising, there was one solitary joke that provided the briefest moment of levity…

In Oakland, banks were broken into and construction equipment was hijacked with many pointing out that white bad actors and provocateurs were responsible for these disruptive acts.

Someone even stole a car off of a showroom floor.

In Minneapolis, ground zero for the nationwide angst, the second day of rebellion was as tense as the first and also there an Amish sighting.

In Louisville, Kentucky, police fired shots of rubber bullets and gas pellets at reporters trying to cover the action.


There was a whole lot going on and there will be much more happening if the Governors, Mayors, and District Attornies don’t start taking Black lives seriously. Count on it like you count the hours on a clock.


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