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Source: Rodolfo Glücksberg / EyeEm / Getty

An “All Lives Matter” miscreant thought it’d be a good idea to threaten protestors with a bow and arrow and got dragged, literally. A thug man who identified himself as Brandon McCormick stepped out of his car around 6 p.m. Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah, and brandished a bow and arrow and aimed it at protestors.

While people screamed in fear and asked if he considered himself American, the thug responded; “Yeah I’m from America, all lives matter.”

Protestors then defended themselves lest they be injured by a racist living out a Katniss Everdeen cosplay fantasy.

McCormick (who was not arrested) then lied to reporters and said “two black men” assaulted him when in reality it was a crowd of people of various races defending themselves from his actions.

“They beat me through my open window when I yelled out that all lives matter,”  McCormick said. “First I got beat up when I yelled, ‘All Lives Matter,’ then I pulled out weapons, then I got beat up some more, then cops grabbed me and my car got totaled,” he said.

There are also reports that his car was set ablaze.

Salt Lake City police have since tweeted about the incident, saying they did not have the individual in custody, but intended to “screen charges against him.”

Don’t hold your breath for those “charges.”

In related news, the SLC PD also responded to a video of one of their officers pushing down an elderly man walking down the street saying they’ll “deal with it.”


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