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Tokyo Jetz Performs At SOB's

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Tokyo Jetz who is *googles* a 25-year-old rapper signed to Grand Hustle from Jacksonville, Fl. You may not have heard of her before today but that’s about to change. That’s because Tokyo Jetz decided it was a good idea to take to IG and make a joke about George Floyd. She was seen mock-choking a friend and saying “I’ll George Floyd your mother**** a$$.” This, of course, is reference to the Black man who was killed by Minneapolis police last week, sparking protests and outrage across the world.

Jetz tried to apologize and even shed tears over it but that wasn’t enough. The internet was ruthless, adding her to the list of celebrities who need to get discarded because of their reactions. She may be the absolute worst of them because this is beyond.

Hit the flip and see how badly she caught the backlash.

“In what world that you raise your black son in is that going to be day it could just as easily be him laying out there on the street and god forbid it comes to that and god forbid someone has the nerve to joke about it…she really needs some self reflection #TokyoJetz”

“I don’t even know who Tokyo Jetz is but that b**** is black & she is mocking George Floyd’s death? This s*** makes no sense I’m disgusted! #TokyoJetz #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #Canceled”

“How tf you think the murder of a black man is something to joke about? As a black woman? Really? These the ppl yaw made popular. “

“#Tokyojetz joke wasn’t even the slightest bit of funny. These z-list celebrities are weird and wack. The friends around her didn’t even check her, THEY are in the wrong too. I wish my friend would say some shit like that. Da hell! She can’t be cancelled cause she’s nothing”

“T.I Right Now Looking at Tokyo Jetz #TokyoJetz”

“#TokyoJetz just apologized with them crocodile tears lol like girl go to hell and the fact that she didn’t stutter when she made that joke but the apology.. whew, save it”

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“#TokyoJetz Some of y’all Celebrities don’t deserve us! Y’all don’t support us smh”

“Who is this Tokyo jetz #tokyojetz”


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