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Big Sean is the latest celebrity to speak out on the current Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed thereafter.

The rapper took to social media on Tuesday to post a series of videos, in which he shared his thoughts on the entire situation.

“Clearly we got the whole world’s attention, obviously,” Big Sean said in his video. “And justice has to be served. Period. And if it’s not, I don’t think things are going to change or get better.”

He went on to reveal that he has been out in the streets protesting with the people, hoping for the same change that everyone else on the front lines is fighting for right now.

“I know I been protesting, I know a lot of us been out on the streets protesting and it’s been a lot of unity,” Sean continued before pivoting to address the divisive behavior he witnessed. “But I also see a lot of people with ulterior motives that look like undercover cops. I don’t know if they are undercover cops, but like, you know, starting a lot of the conflict, a lot of the issues. And we’ve all seen places where they’ve got them bricks conveniently located to wreak havoc, and I don’t know what the ulterior motive is.”

Videos across social media have shown suspicious behavior from cops–both undercover and not–over the past week. The transparency on places like Twitter is making a lot of people, like Big Sean, question both the ulterior motives of the cops and of the news sources not reporting on it.

The availability of the information on social media versus traditional media is what has a lot of people concerned about today’s #blackouttuesday message.



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