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Protests Erupt Around The Country After Police Custody Death Of George Floyd In Minneapolis

Source: Jamie Squire / Getty

Since George Floyd was senselessly murdered in Minneapolis, MN by former Officer Derek Chauvin there have been protests in every single state, calling out racism and police brutality. While some police officers have taken the protests as an opportunity to show compassion and have lived up to their duty to protect and serve our citizens. Others however, have continued to put disgrace on the title — take for example police in Kansas City, Missouri where officers were FILMED initiating brutality by storming a group of peaceful protestors. Apparently one of the demonstrators got under officers skin by calling them “scary a**es”. Watch the clip below:

Let’s not forget the white protestors who were even more aggressive just weeks ago as they stormed state capitols demanding an end to quarantine.

All that unmasked screaming in the FACES of police officers with absolutely no repercussions — but a man screaming at a distance gets sprayed in the face with toxins? If that’s not a CLEAR example of the double standard by the

A man claiming to be a bystander to the police attack on Monday says the officer who used the mace was angry from the outset.

“I was there,” the man claims. “That cop was furious before this started. He was the angriest-looking person on either side, pacing, clenching & unclenching his fists, muttering to himself while eyeing the PEACEFUL protestors with utter contempt. The violent protests were from the cops! Chickenshi*s.”

We don’t doubt that at all. To add to that, it’s also been alleged that white supremacists have infiltrated many a police department and some of those uniforms parading in the name of law and order are only interested in protecting and serving whiteness.

We’re not saying all Kansas City police are like the ones in this video. We found this image in Getty of an officer shaking hands with a protester.

Protests Erupt Around The Country After Police Custody Death Of George Floyd In Minneapolis

Source: Jamie Squire / Getty

We checked the Kansas City Police department page to see if they had responded to the video showing Monday’s attack on protestors — particularly since they were mentioned by their handle in the post.

We could not find any explanation for that act of force, but as of Tuesday afternoon the department had provided the public with information on how to register complaints over excessive force.

We also found a post from Monday where the cops had declared a protest unlawful due to items being thrown at them.

The items were pictured

What do you think should happen to the officer who used his mace? Should that image be enough to get him fired? Or suspended?


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