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Yesterday was very, very rough for Trina the baddest bozo, rapper-hopping Fashion Novette Ari Fletcher and “millionaire” poo potion peddler Coach Stormy who were all deservingly dragged across the whole entire internet and beyond for various offenses on social media.

Whyyyy celebs continue to ruin their careers when they’re not touring, making paid appearances, promoting projects or raking in endorsement cash during these uncertain times, we may never know, but it’s ballooned into an actual THING that gets worse and more stupefying by the day.

Hit the flip for the Twitter cancellations (and well-deserved draggings) of Trina, Ari Fletcher AND Coach Stormy.

First, we have Trina who called people rioting in the Miami streets ‘animals’ on her morning show and stood strongly and wrongly on that hill.

“Trina when I heard you call black ppl animals I thought to myself no, not the baddest b*tch” – no enough red tables in the word for all these shenanigans

“I went to go delete Trina’s music from my library and nothing was there to begin with” – pettttttyyyyyyyyy

“Me listening to Look Back at It one last time before i cancel Trina” – noooooooooo

“No lie canceling Trina hurts, but it must be done. If you aint wit us, you in the way” – it is what it is

“Trina said “I got time” 3 times regarding that situation. It’s just hard to accept the apology after that” – it’s real

Next, we have Ari who said people should donate their stimulus money to the cause instead of pressing celebs to do so. Spoiler: It didn’t go so well.

“so like ari and jt getting cancelled over this little sh*t” – well, yea…

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“she read tf outta her omfg” – draggggged Ari straight to the hottest part of Hell

“both ari and JT are a couple thousand dollars away from being eligible for that stimulus check talking like wealthy queens.” – WHEW

“Ms. Ari said $3500 could never get her into a club and she’s over here getting bent about what people doing with their $1,200 stimulus checks” – the audacity

“Lmao hell nah y’all ain’t about to get me cancelled I’m barely on” – a self-aware queen

And, finally, we have ‘millionaire coach, best selling author, CBD advocate and voice of the Colored Girl’ Coach Stormy who A) blasted Black folks for being followers B) claimed she lost $100,000 in revenue on Black Out Day.

“While she may have done some helpful things for many sistas in the past her true self was shown on 6/2/20. She is too busy worrying about her business to join the digital protect for #georgefloyd in the right against #socialinjustice and #racism” – we hate to see it

“Chileeeee I don’t even know who Coach Stormy is but imma cancel her anyways.” – WELP

“Lol coach stormy clown ass mad because she couldn’t promote her pyramid scheme for 24 hours” – booohoooooo

“Coach stormy the definition of cheesy! Cheesy a** outfits , cheesy a** wigs, cheesy a** investment lines she be using how u a millionaire and just be throwing sh*t together ugh just annoyingg ho* f*ck that nutraburst shorty red said we had lemon burst anywaysssss” – and that’s that on that


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