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Yesterday, Roger Goodell and the NFL took what some would recognize as the first step in reckoning with their reprehensible past, admitting they have f***ed up BIG time. We’re unmoved.

The “apology” comes days after players banded together and forced the league’s hand by releasing a video in support of the protest that demanded that the league genuflect before the world and confess their sins. We’re unmoved.

Sure, it’s notable on some level that after years of spitting in the face of those fighting for equality under the law for Black and other marginalized people, the league finally decided to stop playing in our faces to admit what we all BEEN known is the truth. We’re unmoved.

A sheepish and feeble Roger Goodell fired up his cell phone camera to record a video offering a mealy-mouthed mea culpa about his, and the owners’, past action or lack thereof. The message included support of “peaceful” protesters, players, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Goodell’s message also specifically named Black people and our systematic oppression. We’re unmoved.

If the league really gave a half a f**k about these things then this video would have never been posted without a full and unflinching acknowledgment of Colin Kaepernick’s sacrifice. The sacrifice that they forced upon him by white-balling him from the league. We’re unmoved.

This apology’s Rolex ticks and it’s “diamond” chain is as hollow as the Lincoln Tunnel. No half-measures will be accepted. FULL accountability comes with the admission of not only Kap’s ousting but a sincere apology for the collusion that took place to keep him away. Until then, we’re unmoved.

Peep the clip below.


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