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The protest taking place worldwide in reaction to the murder of George Floyd has brought about some of the most heinous police brutality we’ve seen in quite some time. Innocent people have been shot with rubber bullets, little Black girls have been maced, protesters have been beaten with batons, tear gas, horses, and military helicopters have all been used against a peaceful American public who is angry and unwilling to stand for the systemic tyranny of Black people and other people of color.

Clearly, the state isn’t in favor of such change as the President of 53% of white women has ordered soldiers and police forces to end the rebellion so that he and his racist regime and once again be comfortable in their ivory towers.

They are so dedicated to white supremacy that they will kill us and damn near kill an elderly white man who had the courage of his convictions to stand up to the anti-protest pigs. At this point, most of you have seen the disgusting viral video that we reported on this week where a 75-year-old white man cracked his head open after being pushed to the concrete by two police officers.

It was initially reported that those officers had been suspended without pay. Hardly an appropriate consequence considering the egregious violation. Today, according to ABCNews, those two officers, Aaron Torglaski and Robert McCabe, have now been arrested and formally charged with second-degree assault against the elderly Martin Gugino.

To highlight just how sick and twisted policing has become in this godforsaken country called Amerikkka, 57 officers who were part of the emergency response team resigned from their positions in solidarity with the pig brethren. Fifty-seven. They’re angrier that Torglaski and McCabe were suspended than they are that almost killed an innocent septuagenarian.

F**k the police, 12, one-time, the po-po, the fuzz, Jake, the D’s, the boys in blue and every other incarnation of uniformed officers. They can all go straight the hell. Do not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200.



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