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This has been a whirlwind few weeks for The Breakfast Club. A couple of weeks ago they made national news when Joe Biden hopped his happy a$$ on the show and said “you ain’t Black” if you don’t vote for him. Then for some reason they decided to have Rush Limbaugh on the damn show. SMH.

Today was pure craziness, though. On Tuesday night there was a large discussion about Russell Simmons and his sexual assault allegations with the airing of the On The Record documentary about accusations. Breakfast Club thought this was a great time to have him on the show.

This had the internet rightfully outraged.

What do you think? Do you think that Simmons deserves a platform now? How do you feel about The Breakfast Club doing this? The internet certainly has quite an opinion. Hit the flip and see…

“The breakfast club is not for women at all especially not Black women. I stopped watching them years ago once I noticed how disgusting and disrespectful they were to their Black female guests. Black women, please don’t support them in any way.”

“Folks surprised that The Breakfast Club had Russell Simmons on like one of their hosts didn’t talk openly on air about raping his own damn wife while she was too intoxicated to consent & lauded the R Kelly tape as the best celebrity porno he has seen.”

“The Breakfast Club really interviewed Russell Simmons? After he ran off to extradition free Bali when he got accused by at least 10 women of sexual assault over the past 25 years? That platform has been absolute garbage for a while now”

“Why? Would you have Harvey Weinstein on? Cause that’s who Russell Simmons is. Turning your back on the women who have been brave enough to speak out…”

“The Breakfast Club continues to be the worst. After Black women held onto their stories for decades, the hosts decide to bring Russell Simmons on their show. I would say “unbelievable” but what else can you expect from that show?”

“weird everyone complains about the breakfast club, but completely misses out when the good happens like Angela Yee and Angie Martinez interview with Breonna Taylor mother.”

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“The same Russell Simmons that stepped down from all his companies & moved out of the country when multiple violent rape cases were opened against him? That “Uncle Rush”?”



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