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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 12, 2020

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Nicki Minaj just can’t get right. She has been in the middle of one scandal after another that has made fans and haters really have to consider their level of stan-dom for her. Well, actually, the Barbz have never faltered.

In the past few months, Nicki has come under fire for her relationship with her brother in light of his predatory sexual assault of a child and child endangerment. Then she married Kenneth Petty, who can’t even go to a school because he’s a registered sex offender.

Now, in the midst of all of this and the chaos of the world, Nicki Minaj is making a song with Tekashi 6ix9ine who was sentenced to four years probation for using a child in a sexual performance

The song, Trollz, seems to be poking fun at all of this and the people who are outraged. One a semi-good side, some of the money is going to a good cause.

Still…couldn’t she just do a song by herself? SMH.

The internet is again peeved at Nicki. Hit the flip and see why.

“it’s just disappointing to see a black artist like Nicki collab with this white man again , he constantly uses the N word…. like that’s just ?? let’s not even forget he’s a pedophile… Nicki sis what you doing”

“The same people that doesn’t support Nicki are the exact same people that want to cancel her? How you gon cancel someone you haven’t even supported to begin with? How does that make sense to you clowns?”

“I don’t understand why Nicki is so confortable with pedo ald child molesters around her, but hey, her fans seem to have the answers to excuse that fact about her”

“nicki rly gonna keep working w the racist pedophile w a lace front huh”

““nIcKi Is MaRrIeD t0 a P3d0pHiLe. HeR bRoThEr iS a PeD0pHiLe. sHe c0lLaBeD wItH a PeD0” Yall are so obsessed with pushing this narrative when yalls faves ARE abusers and collab with the same pedo you’re trying to cancel her for collabing with. Just say you hate women and go.”

“Barbs defending Nicki even though she’s collabing with a pedophile”

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“Nicki has always been one of my favorite artists (proof 👇🏽) but this new collab with the p3do is SO disappointing, its anti-feminist, supporting this dude who has done NOTHING his ENTIRE career but put women down? Who is also a child molestor and a convicted criminal? I can’t.”

“On the topic of FEFE since it’s trending. Why does Nicki Minaj not care about who she associates with? Like f*** my career, MORALLY I could never work with someone who has rape charges. Nicki’s husband is a sex offender & can’t even be around kids and she married him anyway. Wtf?”

“Nicki has reduced her brand to being a “troll” at 37 years old because because her bruised ego won’t allow her to admit she’s wrong. She doesn’t want to admit that the people she called “haters” for addressing her enabling harmful men, are right. So she enables these men anyway.”



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