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It has been three months since Breonna Taylor was senselessly killed while she was sleeping in the comfort of her own home by Louisville Metro Police Department. She was killed during the execution of a no-knock warrant, in which the officers forced their way into her house without warning. Breonna’s boyfriend mistook the unannounced police as intruders and did what any man of the house would do, firing at the suspects. Police returned fire and not only endangered people also sleeping in the complex, but killed Breonna.

Since then, there has been very little attempt from police to hold her murderers accountable. Not to mention, the person they were looking for in the warrant was already in custody. Breonna was an EMT who was risking her life every day just like the police to protect the community and would ultimately be killed by those who are supposed to protect her.

Protests around the world have been happening for three weeks demanding not only justice for George Floyd, but Breonna, too. Yet, Louisville PD is ignoring the cries from its citizens and those around the country.

Today, Beyoncé penned a letter to Attorney General Daniel Cameron demanding justice be given for Breonna’s murder. In the letter, she reminds the AG he has the power to bring justice and “demonstrate the value of a black woman’s life”. She also lists the three officers involved in the murder who should be held accountable. Bey also demands an investigation in the response to the murder, as anyone with sense can tell LMPD is essentially ignoring their community and the world’s request for justice, hoping the whole thing will just go away.

You can read the entire letter from Beyoncé below.


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