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So there’s a lot going on here. Marques Houston has recently announced his engagement to Miyana Juanita Pinkney, a 19-year-old woman. There has been varying speculation about when they started dating but none of it is confirmed. We just know that he is twice her age. Twitter is pretty outraged by even that fact.

There’s also this wrinkle to the whole thing. She has called Chris Stokes her “dad” for a while now, harping got how close they are. This is quite a development considering the allegations against Stokes in the past and the idea of Houston being with someone she calls a father figure.

It’s all pretty weird and has even had Raz B trending all day.

Twitter has a lot of questions and outrage…hit the flip to see it all.

“Now this is so weird.
This is 38 year old Marques Houston and his 19 year old fiancée, on a double date with her 23 year old sister and her 23 year old husband.
His IG shows they do this a lot.

My question is, what does a 38 year old have in common with a bunch of kids?”

“I lowkey won’t be able to watch Sister sister the same no more cus Marques Houston is almost 40 getting married to a 19-year-old. Nauseated face

What does a person almost 40, have in common with someone that graduated high school 1-2 years ago?!”

“Marques Houston is engaged to a 19 year old!? I guess you can say that he might be a little… Immature”

“Wth Marques Houston doing with a 19 yr old ??”

“I didn’t know that was Chris Stokes 19 year of daughter Marques Houston was with. This narrative when your throw what Raz-B has been saying about both men all these years into the equation just became much more… weird.”

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