Breonna Taylor's family lawyer says he wants the end of plainclothes police

Identify Yourself: Breonna Taylor’s Attorney Wants Louisville To Follow NYPD And End Plainclothes Policing

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Breonna Taylor‘s name will be shouted and screamed even after she receives the justice that we are demanding for her. The cops who killed her will be held responsible and there are a lot of us seeing to it that pressure is applied until the protective pipe that police officers hide in to avoid accountability busts.

In addition to the charging, arrest, and conviction of the offending parties, we also want to see a change in the way police operate so that there is never another Breonna Taylor. One of the Taylor family lawyers, Sam Aguiar, wants to see that same thing.

According to a TMZ report, Aguiar would like to see the Louisville police follow the NYPD and disband any unit that uses plainclothes officers. If you wanna be a cop, then put on the badge and the blue so everyone knows exactly who you are and what you’re all about. Aguiar believes that the simple act of being dressed like a cop would have saved Breonna’s life. 16 neighbors have all given statements stating that the policemen who killed Breonna did not identify themselves or have visible badges.

The way Aguiar sees it … when police “don’t put on the uniform and they don’t put on the badge, it lets them have the sense that they can just go rogue.”

He goes on to say that plainclothes cops move like a gang who kick doors, bust heads, and never properly identify themselves. Even bystanders don’t know who they are because rarely are they driving marked police vehicles. Just looks like a bunch of white guys with guns who are coming to capture someone.

These measures will not bring back Breonna or anyone else but we hope that some major changes are afoot.



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