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#CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Megan Thee Stallion

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The Megan Thee Stallion spat with her former manager Carl Crawford has been nasty and petty for a while now. In case you don’t remember they had a pretty rough ending to their partnership. That’s why the videos of his new artist, Erica Banks is causing so much controversy.

She is a rapper from Dallas who has been buzzing for a while now. But now that she is under the 1501 record label umbrella and is seen as a Meg replacement, the internet is calling her a Meg clone.

You know, she is using some of Meg’s mannerisms and ad-libs. That’s clear. She’s also doing the “cut it” hand gesture. She’s also driving the boat. There’s a lot of internet hubbub about how this was an intentional cloning of Meg. The saddest thing here is that Erica has talent but the comparisons are going to persist. SMH.

Hit the flip to see for yourselves. Is this a knockoff or unfair criticism?

“Copied Megan all the way down to the mannerisms. Chile….

Somebody tell Maggie thee Seahorse to sit tf DOWN”

“I’m not mad that Erica Banks sound just like Megan Thee Stallion. Female rappers deserve to have 4 bitches that sound the same, too. Just like Future /Desiigner, Young Thug/Lil Wayne, Boosie/Trina.”

“People not from texas ain’t gone understand that Erica banks not rapping like megan, that’s just that texas s*** like I don’t know what else to tell y’all but maybe take a trip down there and see it for yourself.”

She’s also seen here at the 20 second mark driving the damn boat!

“My take on this Erica Banks situation:

Homegirl can rap, and she cute. I’ll give her that. But when you get signed to a label that lost a claim to a now famous and upcoming rapper…it looks sketchy. And your biting off Megan’s adlibs and style. Gotta do better.”

“she’s pretty and i’m sure she’s talented but uhhhh this diet meg thee stallion thing is so corny in the part of the manager. y’all know he did that on purpose. no hate for her though, she’s so pretty”

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“Ehhh I mean Meg’s ex manager can kick rocks, but at the same time I’m not gonna hate on this girl. We let 500 male rappers prosper at once with the same flo and aesthetic so can’t be mad when women do it too.”


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