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We celebrated a wonderful Juneteenth this past Friday and we can’t help but feel like the internet celebrated as well because a viral video of a Black man, Baton Rouge activist Gary Chambers Jr., verbally destroying a wilted white woman, school board member Connie Bernard circulated BIG time. The ancestors must be pleased.

If you haven’t seen the video, you’re in for a treat, if you HAVE seen the video, it’s a great day to watch it again. But before you press play, here’s a little context.

According to CNN, a Baton Rouge School Board member named Dadrius Lanus submitted a resolution to rename Lee High School, named after confederate general Robert E. Lee, to anything that isn’t racist as hell. The day before the now-infamous hearing was held, Kare-…Connie objected to the name change with THIS bulls#!t-a$$ argument:

“I would hope that they would learn a little bit more about General Lee, because General Lee inherited a large plantation and he was tasked with the job of doing something with those people who lived in bondage to that plantation, the slaves, and he freed them,” she said, according to CNN affiliate WVLA/WGMB.

The ahistorical spin is outrageous. Fast forward to the day of the hearing where people came forward to speak about the pain of racism and expressing why Robert E. Lee is no one to be publicly honored. What was Connie doing while Black folks spoke truth to power? Connie was online shopping, likely for shapeless polyester dresses, Birkenstocks, and new wholesale boxes of raisins to put in the potato salad like the cookout terrorist that she is. We don’t know for sure that those were the items in her cart but it’s our best educated guess based on her caping for a slaveowner.

Gary, the great truth-to-power orator, caught her in the act and proceeded to read her like she was a copy of Their Eyes Were Watching God. It was absolutely spec-f***ing-tacular.

Do yourself a solid and press play below then send this link to a friend.



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