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White people are shaken to their core by the idea of accountability and equal justice under the law.

Yesterday in St. Louis, protesters took to the streets to make their way to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home in order to demand her resignation for publishing the names and addresses of local citizens who called for the defunding of the police department. What the f**k is wrong with her?! Anyway, on their trek to speak truth to power, protesters walked past the house of dangerously white couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey who shall henceforth only be referred to as Karen and Kody.

Karen and Kody live in a gated community inside a house that can only be described as a residence that looks like a plantation-turned-prison. Large stone columns adorn the entrance and the design favors a domicile that any slavemaster would love to call home. Karen and Kody are the proprietors of McCloskey Law Center that is operated out of their antebellum abode and when protesters walked past their house, this happened…

Just look at how these two caucasian clowns are holding their weapons…

They obviously have no idea what they are doing and are more likely to shoot themselves mishandling a deadly weapon than to shoot somebody else.

What’s crazier is that Mark McCloskey was reportedly the lawyer for a Black man named Isaiah Forman. Why was McCloskey representing Forman, you ask? Well, according to DailyMail, Isaiah Forman IS A VICTIM OF POLICE BRUTALITY! He sued the Woodson Terrace Police Department after he was kicked and punched by officer David Maas after a chase in a vehicle that was said to have been carjacked. Dashcam caught the whole incident.

At the time McCloskey said: “I’m glad that the law enforcement agencies are subject to the same standard as everybody else”.

Clearly, his behavior yesterday proves him a liar because if he really believed that police officers should be held to account then he would 1000% understand why protesters were pulling up to the mayor’s crib.

But as all know, white folks gon’ white folk.



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