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After more than a decade of getting away with anything he wants on the platform, Shane Dawson is finally facing some repercussions from Youtube for his constantly problematic behavior.

According to reports from Buzzfeed News, YouTube has suspended monetization on all three of Shane’s channels for an indefinite period of time–though not permanently. This is all-encompassing of his presence on the platform, including his main channel “Shane,” with over 22 million subscribers, “Shane Dawson TV,” and his newest addition, a beauty channel called “Shane Glossin’.”

This news comes after Dawson posted a video titled, “Taking Accountability,” where he apologized for multiple past indiscretions that continue to resurface every couple months. In these clips, the video creator can be seen doing blackface, saying the n-word, and making pedophilic remarks. While these past videos aren’t exactly a secret, people have tried to hold Dawson accountable for them in the past by re-circulating the evidence, but his fans never seem to care.

The story surrounding Dawson’s apology hit mainstream media after a clip of himself pretending to masturbate to a poster of a then-11-year-old Willow Smith surfaced online. Willow’s family immediately came to the rescue, with her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, and brother, Jaden, condemning Shane for the video–and his other problematic behavior on Twitter.

As for why Youtube is finally doing something about Dawson’s platform now, the company states that a corporate response was needed after reviewing his older videos. The company defended its right to retroactively suspend an account if it was in violation of community guidelines.



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