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As July rolls in, COVID-19 is still destroying families, businesses, and the hope for future gatherings–and yet, some people still aren’t taking it seriously.

One scroll on your social media and you’re sure to witness at least one viral video of a Karen going crazy in a store for being required to wear a mask. Unfortunately, instead of people coming together to help protect their community like we’ve seen at all the Black Lives Matter protests, some people are just about themselves and their “rights.

Now, companies like Uber are making sure to do their part by requiring all riders and drivers to have a mask on,  or they will not receive the ride they hoped to get to their destination. The “No Mask, No Ride” campaign has been an unspoken rule since before summer, but now, the company is putting an extra effort on the cause, according to an Uber statement via USA Today.

“Extending our ‘No Mask, No Ride’ policy is the right thing to do,” Uber said in a statement. “We want to send a clear message to everyone using Uber that we all have a role to play to keep each other safe.”

The decision was made based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The company also notes the public rise in coronavirus cases. Texas, New Mexico and California are among the states with infections trending upward.

With cases rising across the country at least companies like Uber are doing more than our administration and local officials.


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