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High Angle View Of Gavel And Cash On Table

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Money is on the minds of people all across America as they watch the streets fill with protesters on a daily basis in the fight against the systemic oppression of Black people. Not money that comes from the businesses that are closed. Not the money it costs to repair damage that was done during the rebellion. Not even the money that can be made in the future. No, the money that is on people’s minds the money that it costs to bail out peaceful protesters from jail after they have been arrested for speaking truth to power.

According to TMZ, it’s a LOT of money. $15 million to be exact. The Bail Project says that they have experienced an unprecedented amount of donations in the past 3 weeks since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The nonprofit’s spokesperson, Joseph Pate, says that almost 200,000 people have reached in their piggy banks to give money to get people out of the hoosegow. A source says that these donations not only come from the states but worldwide as people see what is happening in Amerikkka and want to give money and time to work where they are needed.

Celebrities are using their platforms to help raise money as well. Nicki Minaj vowed to donated proceeds from her terrible new song with Tekashi 6ix9ine to The Bail Project. The band Wallows held a fundraiser and pulled in $11,000 from 900 people. Lil Baby also has announced that money from his critically acclaimed new song “The Bigger Picture” will also contribute to freeing protesters.

We’re glad to see that people are giving and we hope and pray that every red cent is going directly to people who need it and not some unscrupulous a$$hole’s pockets. It’s sad that we have to think that way but nowadays the cynicism is warranted



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