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Its been over 72 hours since footage dropped of 50 Cent blasting “angry Black motherf*****s” aka Black women upset at him dating “exotic” women and no celebrities have called out the clownery, with the exception of Torrei Hart (go figure!), who eloquently eviscerated both 50 Cent and his chuckling friend Lil Wayne for the following comments.

“50 Cent: They get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters they go ‘you f*** with this kind of girl and that king of girl?’ That s*** is exotic! That s*** look a lot different than the s*** you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That s*** look like it came off a boat. …It feels like something you can’t just get. In some kind of ways it’s interesting. But they get angry. ‘How did you end up with this mother****?

Wayne: They get real angry

50 Cent: It always makes me defensive. ‘Look at this angry Black motherf**** get the f*** out of here *mimics punching* you trying to f*** up the whole vibe.’”

Torrei kept it FUNKY for Fiddy and men like him, they sound real TIRED always trolling women, especially in these times and she wants Black men to see how stupid they sound downing the same women always defending them.

“I really could give a damn if you date outside your race, I’ve dated outside my race several times. As ya’ll like to call it, they were “exotic’ me. Me dating these “exotic” men didn’t make me put down my brothers because I still love my Black men too. Just because these men were of a different background, they didn’t make me wanna go on air and say, “I dated this because he looks exotic. Sorry, my Black brother.”

I am so sick and tired of people trying to say Black women are angry, Black women are bitter. Ain’t nothing bitter about me. I am set for life! I have no reason to be bitter at all.

Torrei finished her video with a call to action. She wants Black men to stand up or shut up!

We stand up for Black men and are so loyal to y’all — so GOOD to y’all and break our backs for y’all. And y’all don’t have the same respect. Like what you like, but COME ON! Have our backs the way we have y’alls. Show us the respect, love and appreciation, the praise that we deserve. It’s getting tired, especially in these times. It’s real tired, it’s done and it’s dead. Have something else to talk about instead of putting down your beautiful Black Queens. How about that, Black men? STAND UP.


What do YOU think of Torrei’s repsonse?



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