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WELP, it finally happened: Jada Pinkett Smith brought herself (and hubby Will) to the Red Table to address those deliciously messy August Alsina rumors stemming from his secret-spilling shenanigans during his now infamous Angela Yee interview.

At this point, we’re full speed ahead into Jada’s business that somehow got even juicier with her explanation of the, uh, “entanglement” between herself and August who she adopted into the family at the darkest, lowest point in his career.

Oh yes, we’re sure there’s still A LOT we don’t know about this spicy saga that continues to level-up into a bigger story, spark even more questions about Jada’s relationship status and fuel all sorts of hilarious chaos across the whole entire internet.

Peep the funniest, wildest and messiest reactions to Jada taking herself to the Red Table on the flip.

“Jada helping Aug with his health” – you know what…

“Jada: “ I didn’t cheat, it was just an entanglement” – this is so delicious

“Will when Jada called their relationship an entanglement” – pray for August

“Jada trying to use the word “entanglement” instead of relationship” – sprinkled the word like parsely

“August texting Jada : #redtabletalk

“I just watched your little show, LOL! entanglement? Why don’t you tell Will about that time in Miami? ANYWAY, you look cute with your legs folded, call me when you get this” – Twitter is wild

“August Alsina: “I could die today knowing that I loved someone (Jada) deeply.”

Jada: “I got into an entanglement.” – whew chil-lay

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“I know you’ve been prolly hearing about this Will & Jada sh*t. It’s wild as hell. You’ve been solid from the start though and I wouldn’t change our entanglement for anything in this world love. Hope your day is going well, talk to you soon.” – this meme never gets old

“August Alsina: “I could die today knowing that I loved someone (Jada) deeply.”

Jada: “I got into an entanglement.” – mannnn o man o man, life’s not fair at all

“Jada leaving the entanglement and going back to will” – noooooooo

“Will: “Jada seriously what’s an entanglement?”

Jada:” – she’s still working all this out in her mind

“That n*gga is laughing but he’s dead serious lmfao” – DEAD serious, 100%

“Jada: you cheated already were even

Will:” – Will can’t wait to re-cheat, again

“Will: “imma get you back, first 😂”

Jada: “i think we’re good on that 😂”

Will:” – nail on the head

““We ride together. We die together. Bad marriage for life.”

– Will and Jada (they really said this lmfao)” – we still can’t believe this happened

“Jada got Will looking like he back in The Pursuit of Happyness” – we hate it had to be Will

“Sh*t finna go crazy” – the script is already being written



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