Tahiry And Vado's Marriage Boot Camp Drama Is Petty

#MarriageBootCamp: Tahiry Told Vado “You’re One Of The Brokest Men I’ve Ever Been With” And Twitter Went CRAZY

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Tahiry & Vado

Source: WeTV / Youtube

Marriage Boot Camp is byke and, kids, we have to tell you: it is an utter madhouse. The season features some truly dramatic couples like Phaedra and producer Medina, Hazel and model De’Von and, of course Tahiry and Vado. Here’s the synopsis from WeTV:

PHAEDRA (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”) and her boyfriend, ghostwriter and producer MEDINA, have only been together for a few months after Medina sought her out on an elite dating site, but Phaedra is in it to win it even though they haven’t yet sealed the deal. WILLIE and SHANDA (“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”) want to save their marriage, but they must put their fiery tempers aside and deal with Willie’s serial cheating, and Shanda’s revenge cheating, before they can meet each other’s needs. TAHIRY (“Love and Hip Hop New York”) and rapper VADO have been friends since their Harlem days coming up in the game but have never spent two weeks straight together during their off-and-on relationship. Tahiry’s clock is ticking, and she’s ready to settle down but can they get over their shady pasts? Hip hop OG KURUPT and his model girlfriend TONI live and work together, but Toni worries about his drinking and unstable life – while Kurupt can’t handle Toni’s nasty temper and her insecurities from previous relationships. HAZEL-E (“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”) and her model boyfriend DE’VON are talking marriage and babies, but Hazel-E has trust issues – and even though she is helping his career and paying the bills, she’s also protecting De’von from her world because she’s afraid he can’t handle it.

The big story this week was Tahiry and Vado, who, uh, nobody really even knew were together. Hell, they haven’t even posted each other on their respective Instagrams. But the story from them is Tahiry talking about how Vado was broke and the brokest man she ever dated.

Big. YIKES. This turned the internet upside down as people were going in clowning BOTH of them.

Hit the flip to see more of the reactions and jokes…

“Good morning. Tahiry really told Vado on national television that he was one of the brokest men she’s ever dated and I- Just focus on yourself. Run into love later”

“I have never heard of Tahiry and Vado being a couple, I think they are pulling a fizz move and faking to get that bag!”

“I don’t understand Vado’s logic. One minute he’s saying she needs to act like a woman & carry herself a certain way but in the confessions the n*** keeps saying “I want Tahiry from block”. So which do U want Vado? Tahiry Jose or Harlem Tahiry?? Smh”

“Ok…so far Vado has called Tahiry a “thirst bucket”, rode for another woman (Hazel) & told her to “shut up” and this is only day 2. Hell for all this she should’ve stayed with Joe Budden’s ass!!!”

“Woke up still thinking about Tahiry tellin Vado he the brokest guy she ever been with on National Tv and he start talking bout “check my bank statement””


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“I don’t even think Tahiry and Vado are a real couple. With what he said last week and what she said this week? Nah… No new couple is talking to each other like that.”

“I watched that Marriage Bootcamp episode last night and Tahiry and Vado look like they hate each

“Nah that thirst bucket comment from Vado touched Tahiry SOUL!!! Shorty said Vado a broke boy and he the poorest n**** she EVER been with!! That thirst bucket comment really ate at her more then anything she has ever experienced she going to keep searching for a comeback”

“I don’t think we understand the type of disrespect Tahiry showed. She told a “Harlem Nigga” he the brokest dude she ever been with. Like damn elementary Nugga had more bread than Vado.”


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