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Gillie Da Kid is a formerly recognizable rapper and current *shrugs* who *shrugs* on the internet about…okay, look. We don’t know much about what Gillie Da Kid does these days but we know he went online and made a damn fool of himself for views. Here’s what he said about #BlackLivesMatter:

“So I keep getting the same question, Gillie you always giving up game, why you don’t ever give no game on Black Lives Matter?’Cause I don’t get to that s*** n****, All Lives Matter, n***. I don’t give a f*** if you White, Black blue, purple, brown, tangerine, N***, All Lives Matter.
…Y’all want a n*** to go out here head first telling these mutha***in’ White people. Black Lives Matter but my motherf***ing Black life didn’t matter to the n*** that tried to execute me. To the n***that shot me in my muthaf***in’ wrist, stomach and my foot. The n*** that tried to have my momma singing ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye’ my Black life didn’t matter to that n***. All the n*** I knew were shot by n***s. What about my muthaf***in’ nieces and nephews who half Black and half White? Only 50% of they lives matter, n***?”

This comes after he had trash things to say about HBCUs. Basically Gillie is coming off as big trash. He’s getting rightfully dragged for it too. Hit the flip to see it all…



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