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Miles and Karen Married at First Sight

Source: Kinetic Content / Kinetic Content

Ahead of tonight’s premiere of “Married At First Sight” one of the new husbands is speaking out. As previously reported season 11 takes place in New Orleans and includes 17 two-hour episodes featuring people who want to be Bayou blessed with a spouse.

The cast of the Kinetic Content produced show includes med student Amelia and artistic director Bennett; IT worker Brett and nurse Olivia; recruiter Henry and flight attendant Christina.

Most interestingly, however, are two best friends Miles and Woody who go through the experiment together to find their wives.


Woody, a bubbly and super social teacher/coach, has been matched with demure, but ready to party non-profit organizer Amani. I personally have high hopes for these two. Woody looks like he’ll bring Amani out of her shell and Amani looks like she’ll help balance Woody out while hopefully being a fun partner-in-crime as that’s seemingly what he’s seeking.

Miles is a 26-year-old education worker who’s been matched with consultant Karen, 30, who has doubts about getting married to a complete stranger. As seen in a preview clip those doubts reach a fever pitch when she gets a text the night before her wedding revealing that Miles is her husband-to-be.

An emotional Karen is then heard telling producers that she looked through Miles’ social media page and concluded that he’s “not really her type” and she’s unsure about going through with the wedding. Meanwhile, Miles is elated to be marrying a stranger, surrounded by his supportive family that includes his mom, dad, and sister, and can’t stop remarking that he “looks like a husband.” He does indeed.

His feelings are a STARK contrast to Karen and the clip picked up buzz from #MAFS fans who couldn’t believe that Karen would A.) Not really be into the charming, sweet and ATTRACTIVE southern gentleman and B.) Sign up for a chance to be married to a stranger and then possibly be a runaway bride on her wedding day.


According to Miles himself who spoke with our sister site MadameNoire, he’s glad that “he’s more than his social media pages.” He also added that he recognized some of Karen’s friends but he and his spouse had never met before in the streets of NOLA.

“She did [know who i was]! I’m kind of jealous she had a leg up on who I am before coming down the aisle. Luckily I’m more than my social media pages! I recognized some of her friends as I came down the aisle so I was a little nervous but I’d never seen or heard of her before we met and married which was refreshing.”

Miles also added that while he knows people have doubts about his readiness for marriage considering his age, his family and close friends didn’t share in those reservations. They were more focused on him marrying a stranger.

“I think the reservations my family had was more connected to the method in which I was getting married and not my age. I feel like age isn’t an indicator of maturity or readiness to be married and my family understood that I was ready and this was what I wanted so they were very supportive.”


The new season of “Married At First Sight” airs tonight at  8 pm on Lifetime—-will YOU be watching???




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