Maxine Waters Stops & Inspect Police Detaining Black Man In Her District

Maxine Waters Pulls Over To Investigate Police Detaining Black Man In Her District

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Maxine Waters is by far everyone’s favorite congresswoman for her no bullsh*t attitude and the work she puts in for our community. Her viral video of her “reclaiming her time” instantly made her a walking meme. There isn’t anything funny on her end as she doesn’t intend to gain laughter and there’s definitely nothing funny if you’re on the receiving end of her catchphrases. Recently she went viral this time outside the courtroom. Maxine was in her car driving when according to TMZ, she decided to spot check some Sheriffs in her district.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is like the Sheriff to the Sheriff, because she just happened on a traffic stop involving a black man and stopped to make sure cops stayed in line.
The legendary representative was driving in her district this weekend when she saw an L.A. County Sheriff patrol car. She saw the officers in the process of detaining a black man and that’s all the info she needed. MW hit the brakes and jumped out.

Apparently, she was not particularly well-received, because the Congresswoman says the deputies told her she parked illegally, so she was in danger of getting a ticket.

With the recent viral clips of police in her district acting wreckless during George Floyd protests, spot checks are needed. Glad to see someone is checking up on the Los Angeles County authorities.As we saw from the viral LAPD community call the residents are fed up.



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