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Cam'ron & Pauly D Perform At The Pool After Dark

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In case you’ve been under a rock for the past week, you should know by now that Megan Thee Stallion was the victim of a gunshot wound after a party at Kylie Jenner’s place. Allegations abound that the person responsible is one Tory Lanez and subsequent news reports indicate that this was intentional. The story then changes to news about domestic violence.

This, clearly, is a serious issue. However, so many people on the internet are making jokes about all of it. That includes Draya Michele, who jokes about wanting that kind of “love.” 50 Cent posted up all sorts of jokes and memes about it all. But maybe the most inexcusable, disgusting of them all came from one Cam’ron. He reposted this:

Okay, let’s lay down the problems here:
1. It’s saying clearly that Megan Thee Stallion is trans because she’s…tall?
2. It’s saying that trans people deserve to get shot.
3. It’s saying that any trans person who reveals they are trans should also be shot.

Megan defended herself on Twitter by sending this blanket statement out:

“And f*** all the h** a** n**** making jokes about it too🖕🏾 I’ll talk about shit when I get ready”

Cam is getting fully dragged and rightfully so. Hit the flip to see it all.

“Cam’ron is 45 years old and still playing his ignorant character from Killa Season. He still plays around w IG girls bc settling down would be as for his image

This is not only transphobic but also misogyny wrapped up in one but most of these types are truly dumb as rocks”

“& Peep Cam’ron saying Tory Lanez was in the right for shooting Meg for allegedly being a man. This contributes to the already violence against Black trans women… Cam’Ron knew exactly what he meant when he said what he said…”

“F*** Cam’ron for being transphobic trash and for joking on Meg. Big Love to all my Black sisters, ESPECIALLY my trans sisters. We need to be together, transphobia and misogyny hurts us ALL.”

“Cam’Ron was being transphobic & misogynoiristic toward Meg saying she is a man… A Black female rapper with huge success everywhere was shot by male r&b “singer” & this turns into transphobic jokes. But when I say the culture of hip hop is inherently misogynoiristic I’m wrong???”

“Where is the energy that had nikkas snatching Kodak’s picture out of the Trap museum for disrespecting what they saw as Nipsey’s property for MEG? Where are you cowards for b**** a** flops like Cam’ron and 50 cent?!??! Where is the energy for black women?!?”

“Meg…i will shoot Cam’ron. I never liked him since he played Rico anyway”

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“That Cam’Ron post is disgusting fam, the comments even worse… Meg ain’t bothered a soul and that’s how folks acting? Def reported the post.”

“What is weird about Draya, Cam, 50 and any other n*** making jokes about Meg getting shot…is that yawl are all grown as f***. Truly is that where your humor is? Like cmon yawls material is seriously lacking and weak. Give it up”


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