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Talib Kweli has been nothing if not a massive internet troll and harasser of anyone who disagrees with him even slightly. That includes and is not limited to any Black woman who speaks up. Over the past two weeks, Kweli has been in an unending crusade against one Black woman by the name of Maya Monroe and everyone has been fed up. The argument started with Kweli acting like he was defending his “wife,” but she went on Instagram to clarify the fact that she hasn’t been with him for years and she doesn’t stand with his brand of misogyny.

Then, out of the blue, Kweli’s Twitter account was taken away and he had this poor explanation for it:

“It’s official. I have officially left @twitter for the greener pastures of @patreon which is membership fee based. Now most of my exchanges will always be with real fans who invest in me. I spent 11 years there, all great times.. I exposed a lot of bigots and trolls and made a lot of wonderful friends.”

Heh. Right. Buddy is gone gone, and the internet has no choice but to celebrate.

Hit the flip to see the party taking place.

“Me and my girls at the Talib Kweli Suspension Party”

“When you see that @TalibKweli finally got suspended”

“Talib Kweli said he “left” twitter for “greener pasture, I’m wheezing. Bitch you were suspended lmaooo bye clown”

“Talib Kweli does not exist” is hilarious to me”

“Talib Kweli got suspended!!! Let’s Celebrate! Won’t God Do It!”

“So Talib Kweli’s account has been shut down/suspended? You’d love to see it. Finally!”

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“After three weeks of harassment over a retweet,
‘s account has FINALLY been suspended!”

“They FINALLY suspended Talib Kweli!”




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