In White Folks News: Courtney Love Loses Custody of her Daughter

- By Bossip Staff

Courtney Love has just lost custody of her 17-year-old. We know this girl leads a crazy life, but so crazy, they have to take her child away????

Courtney Love is losing control, but this time it involves her most precious possession: her daughter.

A Los Angeles court has appointed temporary guardians over Frances Bean, 17, although the reasons are not immediately clear. Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor and his younger sister, Kimberly, now have legal, medical and financial authority over the teenager. A court hearing on the matter has been scheduled for February 10.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean that Courtney Love is an unfit mother and has completely lost custody,” says L.A. probate attorney Jeffrey S. Cohen, who’s not involved with the case. “It’s too early to say. It could be because she’s simply going out-of-state for a long period of time.”

Geraldine Wyle, a lawyer for Frances Bean and the two guardians, said only, “This is a private family matter.” A rep for Love, 45, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

In past interviews, Frances Bean has made it clear that she is not like her parents. She told Harper’s Bazaar last year that her paternal grandmother, who lives in Olympia, Wash., has been a constant force in her life. “She’s probably the person I respect most out of anybody in the world,” she told the magazine.

It kind of sounds like Frances, Courtney’s daughter, really has no respect for her mother and would rather be with her grandmother and aunt. Damn, that’s kind of cold.


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  • thatbrutha

    Who care #1

  • memchee

    it’s a wonder she kept custody this long.

    she prob already showed the little one how to take her first hit of this ‘n that.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I am with memchee. I am surprised she still had custody. Well it happens. At least Frances sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders.

  • chaka1

    Courtney is a freak. That poor little girl probably needs a break from her crazy ass. Not to mention, Courtney has spent all of Curt Corbain’s money.

  • Tillybeans

    I agree Whut??? She looks sooooo much like her father…It’s scarey!

  • Somali Ninga

    Wife and daughter doing Satanic devil horns…JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!! 😛
    Curt Cobain was murdered by the Illuminati!!! people dont believe he OD’d

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    I thought that she had already lost custody some years ago. It’s a good thing Frances looks more like Kurt ’cause we don’t need another Courtney running around.

  • Sasha

    Not surprised. FYI Courtney and Kurt also almost lost custody of Frances when she was an infant. This is basically a long time coming.

  • Shay

    Courtney has a long standing drug problem and lately seems like she might have an eating disorder of might be so far off on drugs that she’s not eating properly. This isn’t a shock to anyone that follows YT news.

  • Tracey

    The daughter is like 17, as good as a young adult on the verge of independant university life.

  • drenk


  • ericka the sh$# disturber

    can you blame her? her mom’s a crazy junkie! i would be embarassed by her too…

  • Bey-nonsense

    It’s about time! I don’t know what took so long. The courts are about 17 years too late.

  • Bey-nonsense

    @ drenk
    It might have happened like that…we’ll never know.

  • Really Tho

    It is amazing how much she looks just like Kurt.

  • txgals

    This is about money. Frances Bean’s money. Courtney has been spending her daughters inheritance. The courts put a stop to it.

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy finger took the oath

    she did not murder kurt cobain. why do people always blame the wife when a man dies? if you ever listened to nirvana, you would know he was very sick and tired of the entertainment world and he complained that people want too much of him. he killed himself.

  • nyob


  • dismymoney

    Damn, she really looks like Kurt!

  • KeepNit2Real

    OMG! Looking at the daughter is like looking at Kurt!!!

    May you R.I.P. my dear grunge brother…the founder of my guitar rebellion when I needed to rock out the most in a very turbulent time in my life.

    Nirvana = Bliss.

    May your daughter prosper Kurt, because Courtney is showing the asz she has always been.

  • Belle

    D@mn that girl looks so much like him it scared the hayle out of me!

  • Belle

    Im sayin it looks like his head on her body…

  • mzdiva

    why don’t they put courtney, lohan, paris, britney all in jail for drug use
    come on

  • Whoever

    Wow!!!!! She is a splitting image of her dad in those pictures! Those Eyes!

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