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Comedian Corey Holcomb is offering his perspective on the pandemic amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Corey Holcomb

Source: Richmond Funny Bone / Richmond Funny Bone

The comedian, 51, was a guest on the MoreThanCULTR Podcast with Ronnie Jordan, Tyler Chronicles, Reemo Rod, and Kamal Secret, and he dished on a number of topics including his work on “Black Jesus”, “The Cleveland Show”, his 5150 Nation and more.

Things got especially interesting however when he offered his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and noted that “buster n***s” who are essential workers shouldn’t be able to enforce mask mandates.

He used “buster a** n***s” working at McDonald’s as an example;

“That’s how they get they little rocks off- telling you what to do. It’s like right now it’s a time in the world where a buster a** n*gga who moppin’ the floor at McDonald’s can tell you to put on your mask. Get your life together! You my age in here moppin’! Shut up, n*gga!…if I got COVID and it killed you, I did you a favor – moppin’ n*gga!Like, ‘Who you talkin’ to, n*gga?’…I put in too much work for your garbage a**!”


Ronnie Jordan then asked Corey; “What do you think the mask era is gonna do for ugly chicks?” and Corey responded that it should have little effect on the facially unfortunate considering how desperate men are for sex.

“It don’t stop nothin’. N*ggas want p*ssy. We don’t give a f*ck how these h*es look. I got cold hoes, they the ones that give me the problems.”



His comments are getting him dragged on social media by folks claiming that he’s “unfunny”, “crude” “mean spirited” and *checks notes* “TRASH.”



What do YOU think about Corey Holcomb’s COVID-19 comments??? Are you bothered—do you care????


Watch him on the MoreThanCULTR podcast below.




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