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Everyone’s buzzing over Netflix‘s reboot of the spooky-themed classic Unsolved MysteriesAccording to Forbes, Unsolved Mysteries solved approximately 1 in 4 cases over the years with the help of its loyal armchair detectives. Back in the day, viewers could call in to a hotline to give potential leads on crime cases to law enforcement.  Now, the show invites viewers to head to their website to give any information on suspected criminals in the hopes of bringing perpetrators to justice.

The series starts with the deeply unsettling ‘Mystery on the Rooftop’ episode where we’re introduced to seemingly perfect husband Rey Rivera whose body was found six days after he abruptly left his home in May 2006.

The 32-year-old writer was found at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore where he (allegedly) fell from the top of the hotel and crashed through the roof.

But wait, there’s much, much more: investigators were baffled that his cellphone and glasses were left unscratched despite his 100+ foot fall through the roof.

Based on the roof’s damage, you could conclude that he fell from a much higher point making this mystery even more perplexing.

There’s also the matter of a cryptic letter with a list of names, TV shows, books and movies found taped to his computer that’s been impossible for investigators (and everyone else) to crack thus far.

At first glance, it looked like a series of coded messages or (Masonic?) riddles consistent with his obsession with the film industry as a writer.

Unfortunately, the death was ruled a probable suicide that continues to fuel endless waves of plausible (and not-so-plauside) theories that we compiled for you on the flip. (*WARNING* SPOILERS AHEAD)

One of the reigning theories is that his longtime friend Frank Porter Stansberry (who gave him a job after urging him to relocate from LA to Baltimore) was involved.

Stansberry declined to participate in the Unsolved Mysteries episode which, naturally, sparked speculation about his involvement.

Some think Rivera was reenacting a scene from David Fincher’s classic mystery thriller “The Game” where Michael Douglas is caught up in an elaborate ‘game’ that blurs reality and illusion.

The theory, posted on Reddit last week, connects the note left behind by Rivera (that mentions “The Game”) to the great fall through the roof that parallels a climatic scene in the movie.

Rivera’s wife said she doesn’t see any significance in the note but many believe Rivera was copying the events of the film.

One of the more outlandish yet strangely plausible theories is that Rivera dropped from a helicopter.

“I know it sounds crazy, but this is the kind of case that makes you look at more strange theories,” investigative journalist Stephen Janis explained in a newly released video.

“You’ve got no real evidence… given the hole and given that nobody saw him enter the building – he had to come from somewhere else.”

Gary Shivers (who worked at the Belvedere) agreed with this theory, saying: “That’s the only possible thing I can think of.”

Rivera’s interest in the Freemasons was briefly mentioned in the episode and raised eyebrows across forums online.

(Note: Rey’s wife put a sentence into Google and it came up with results related to the Freemason)

His family and friends said his fascination centered on their reputation as a secret organization.

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