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After months of messy shenanigans between Quality Control co-founder Pierre “Pee” Thomas and his baby mama Lira Galore, BOSSIP exclusively reported that a judge ruled Thomas violated a court order by posting humiliating messages about Galore and punished him with an $11,000 fine.

Judge Edwards also declared Thomas the legal father of Galore’s one-year-old daughter, Khaleesi and ordered him to pay Galore $3,500 a month in child support that he has to begin paying next month, according to the order.

This comes months after Thomas breached a court order barring both sides from talking about the case on social media when he took to Instagram to drag Galore late last year for a plethora of alleged offenses, including doing booger sugar while she was pregnant and conspiring against him.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get messier between the two, they, indeed, got messier and stirred up all sorts of spicy commentary across Twitter.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Pee being ordered to pay Lira $3,500/month on the flip.

“So Pee done posted altered text messages to bash Lira Galore and now he’s been fined 11k….the drastic measures dudes go through to publicly embarrass their bm’s these days are insane lol smh” – it’s getting spooky out here

“The pee and lira situation just goes to show no matter how much money a n***a got, it won’t un-lame him. Lame is lame” – yikesssss

“pee only gotta pay lira $3500 in child support. who was her lawyer bruh.” – questions that need answers

“I still can’t believe Lira Galore had a whole baby with Pee Thomas, like she really gave that n**a p***y???” – life is crazy

“Boy these BM’s stepping on necks. Lira getting the coins by any means necessary. Pee hella dangerous for altering those texts” – he’s MESSY messy

“Pee is only paying lira 3500 a month ? How tf ? He has 2 be on child support from his other bms or something cus ain’t no way” – definitely was an eyebrow-raising judgment

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“Pee f****d up his whole reputation trying to not pay Lira 3500/month” – he makes that in a minute and yet…

“First Migos got a lawsuit cooking THEN a judge fined him for altering messages between him and Lira” – things are getting diceyyyy

“I really liked Pee but how you gone do our good sis Lira like that….. men are TRASHHHHH!” – Pee didn’t have to do her like this


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