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The ongoing beef between two #RHOP stars is heating up and spilling onto social media. After episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Potomac aired Sunday, both Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels went live on Instagram to share their thoughts with fans.

Monique & Candiace

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As previously reported Monique and Candiace were seemingly making amends until Monique spotted ex-Potomac housewife Charrisse Jordan at Candiace’s anniversary party. That pissed her off because she believed her “friend” Candiace shouldn’t have been kiki’ing with a woman who was “spreading nasty rumors about Mo’s family.” Those rumors, according to Gizelle Bryant who brought them up on the show, are that Monique had an affair with her personal trainer. Monique has declined to address them on #RHOP.

On Sunday, Candiace wondered where the rumor that she was plotting against Monique started and hinted that Ashely Darby might be to blame. She then noted that she NEVER invited Charrisee out because she isn’t part of the cast.

“My first question is who told you that? Where’d you hear that from? If you go back and look at the history of Ashley, Ashley is known for pulling bulls*** out of her a**. And I’m assuming this is the latest bulls*** she pulled out of a**,” said Candiace on IG Live.

I’m very curious to know where that came from, I don’t wanna hear no Phaedra s*** ‘Oh I just heard it.’ No, did you make it up? Did you and Gizelle make it up? Where’d that come from?

I never invited Charrisse anywhere and I never had any plans or intentions to use Charrisse Jackson Jordan to get back at Monique Samuels or anybody else. I repeat, I never conspired to use Charrisse to get back at Monique.

There are several reasons for this; #1 that’s not how I roll, you should know me by now. Getting you is going to involve me cussing, yelling or crying, I don’t plot. I haven’t had to do that, maybe I need to change the way I move if that’s how the group is gonna move. Why would I plot….how am I getting back at Monique by bringing Charrisse around?

Charrisse was not on the show, she wasn’t a friend of the show, wasn’t a guest of the show, she wasn’t receiving a paycheck from Bravo. What sense does it make to bring her around if she’s not on the show?!”

Later, however, she did say that she invited Charrisse to her anniversary party but only because she was on the guestlist for her wedding. Candiace noted that everyone who was invited to the wedding was copied and pasted to an invite list for the anniversary soiree.

Candiace also called the rumors that she was privy to the alleged “info” about Monique “cod liver BS” and called Ashley “trash” while noting that Monique shouldn’t trust Ashely nor Gizelle.

“Ashley is cod liver trash for spreading that rumor and spreading that lie. Wherever she got it from, her a**hole, she’s trash for spreading that. It’s funny that the people that Monique is calling her friends, Gizelle at the time and Ashely, are the two main water hoses watering this seed and making Monique look like a dummy.

You look stupid, you have a big  a** ‘kick me!’ sign on your back and you don’t even know it’s there and it was Gizelle and Ashley that put it there.”


There’s lots to unpack here, like Candiace being adamant that Ashley tried to spark the rift between her and Monique. Also, how did Charrisee become a WHOLE storyline on the show despite NOT EVEN BEING ON THE CAST?

With that in mind, she’s got to be included in the reunion when the season wraps. Right?


Monique herself had some things to say about her (seemingly Charrisse fueled) Candiace fallout; hit the flip for that.

On Monique’s IG Live she lamented to fans about the “scandalous” “low down” women of the show.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 16

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These women are scandalous, they keep doing some low down, underhanded behind the scenes crap that y’all don’t know about,” said Monique. “They keep poking the bear and this bear done woke the F up.

Ask yourself why was I the friend with Candiace season 3 when she was bought on by Ashley? Because nobody wanted to deal with her! I was the only dummy, look how that turned out.

I try my best to leave people alone, if you come for me—like Kenya Moore said, listen I’m gonna come right back. I try to be nice as I can but I’m probably the most petty person you will ever meet in your life.”

Monique also added that the women “came for her at Andy’s baby shower” and had a “takedown dinner” where they plotted against her. She then specifically talked about a sitdown she had with Candiace where she thought they were on the right track until she felt “targeted” by the Charrisse invitation.

According to Monique, that’s when she reneged on their friendship.

“We sat down for two hours an hour and 45 minutes later she apologized for her part and said that she would also do better,” said Monique on IG Live. “At the point that I find out that you’re purposely trying to target me, and provoke me, and invite somebody to push my buttons, to me that’s intentional. She has no consideration to me as a friend so at that point, my end of the bargain is reneged.
I’m not gonna be involved in a friendship that’s me doing all the work and you receiving the benefits. She reneged, and I reneged after her.”

She also told fans that she thinks the ladies are trying to boot her off the show to replace her with Charrisse.

Charrisse caught wind of Monique’s IG Live and had this to say;

It’s getting pettier and pettier in the P and if you missed episode 2, you can watch it below.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Bravo—are YOU watching???

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