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Kevin Durant has quite the reputation for his online activities, and over the weekend, he decided to add to his repertoire by engaging in some back-and-forth with fans.

As almost always happens with these online celebrity exchanges, some of KD’s critics ended up showing their true colors the second the baller responded to them, essentially proving they were only tweeting hot takes in the first place to get some attention.

This one conversation is especially interesting (and honestly, sad), showing a Twitter critic going in on Durant with the same criticism he always gets: telling the baller the championship rings he has weren’t earned, because he joined an already iron clad super team to get them. Because the user’s avatar is of him in a cap and gown, KD simply replied, “Congrats on graduating. Welcome to the real world,” to which the critic replied, “All jokes aside, thank you for congratulating me because not even my own dad congratulated me.”

*sigh* and that’s what Durant is dealing with here, folks.

After interacting with some more fans and critics in a similar matter, Kevin took things to the next level by making things personal. In response to a critic who uploaded a Soundcloud rant about the baller, entitled “KD Rant; Clippers/Bucks Take, Why I Always Slander Him, His Pattern of Hoe Behavior,” KD started following the ranter’s girlfriend on Twitter before liking a bunch of her pictures.

Why are you such a wierdo,” a man by the name of Zee, the Creator asked. “You are too wealthy for this. You really went and followed my girl thats why she BLOCKED YOU wierdo,” he said before tagging KD.

Durant replied, writing, “my bad, I accidently pressed follow and liked all her pics, my phone trippin.”

You gotta love the dedication.



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