Jamarcus' Spicy Shenanigans On "Family Or Fiancé" Send Twitter Into A TIZZY

Dry Wigged Drama: Jamarcus’ Spicy Shenanigans On “Family Or Fiancé” Send Twitter Into A TIZZY

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Family Or Fiance assets

Source: OWN

In quite possibly the spiciest “Family Or Fiancé” episode yet, toxic couple Brian & Jamarcus go through IT in very, very messy scenes filled with arguments, disputes, insults, clapbacks and more arguments between family members that fueled all sorts of chaos (and concern) across the internet.

Family Or Fiance assets

Source: OWN

If you missed it, here’s a clip that’s only a taste of the MESS that ensues throughout the episode:

“Family or Fiancé” follows the dynamic between eight engaged couples who bring their disapproving families together for three days under one roof–some for the first time. The clock is ticking as the couples must decide if they’re going to tie the knot or if the nuptial hopes end there.

It’s a no-holds-barred look at what it’s really like when the people closest to you have major issues with the one you want to marry.

At the heart of the series is relationship expert Tracy McMillan, who serves as the voice of reason as the couples confront their family’s concerns. She works with the newlyweds-to-be on ways to strengthen their bond, unpack their differences and reveal their true selves to their families–for better or worse.

At the end of the final day, families are given the chance to speak now or forever hold their peace leaving each couple to decide once and for all if they’re truly ready to say, “I do.”

How did you feel about the spicy episode? Should the two even bother getting married? Let us know in the comments and check out the (hilarious) Twitter chitter-chatter over JJ’s shenanigans on the flip.

“Jamarcus wasn’t here for it! #familyorfiance with the N*ggananigans” – DIS TEW MERCH

“Dry wig wearing B*TCH!” I don’t think this couple is going to make it!!!💀💀” – yeaaa it’s not looking too good

“Why she talking about his lil tattoo job when someone gon tell her her lace lyfting? Cause it’s not riding her hairline lmao” – yikesssss

“You dry wig wearing b*tch #FamilyorFiance” – that was just uncalled for

“So you meaning to tell me , this bad wig wearing wench is a sister-in-law? Girl sit down! Preferably in somebody’s salon chair… I so wish I was Jemarcus sister , for just one moment! Ain’t no way, she would be coming for mine!” – whew, it’s ALL bad

“Yikes! They haven’t even had the first sit-down yet! #FamilyOrFiance” – …and they want to get MARRIED???

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“Did he really just call his fiancé a “b*tch a** N#@&a on T.V. !? Whewww Chile ain’t no coming back from that level of disrespect.” – yea issa no from us

“Sooooo they didn’t have a wig budget? No hair and makeup on set?!?” – wellllllll

“Y’all. I am truly appalled. The word marriage shouldn’t even come out of their mouths. #FamilyOrFiance” – it’s not our place to judge (but yea)

“Family Or Fiancé” airs every Saturday night at 9/8c on OWN.


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