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Greenleaf Season 5 assets

Source: OWN

We’re still reeling from last night’s chest-punching episode of “Greenleaf” that appears to be ending wayyy differently than we imagined with the estate in limbo, Calvary in jeopardy and Bishop fighting for his life in the midst of an unforgiving downward spiral.

Last week Lady Mae finally revealed her secret entanglement to the family who learned Grace was a product of an affair with Lionel in one of several spicy subplots in motion on the perpetually messy series.

We also learned vengeful villain Rochelle Cross was using her sister Tara as a puppet to take the estate from the Greenleafs and break Bishop all the way down.

But Tara isn’t her sister and attempted to negotiate with Lady Mae about a cash payment instead of taking the home (that, based on the first will, belongs to the sisters who learn that their father Darryl James was Loretta Davis’ lover in a shocking twist).

Upon learning this information from Grace and Noah’s investigation, Lady Mae and Bishop sat down with the sisters to concede the property just moments before being interrupted by key developments in the Bob Whitmore saga that took everyone to Calvary.

After weeks of buildup, the slimy H&H head is exposed in front of the church (that Charity gathered together via email) for preying on poor Black folks with predatory home loans through the lending company that Grace and Darius (with help from Phil’s flip phone-clip-clapping father) traced back to them.

This set the tone for Bishop’s powerful confession to the church (and Rochelle Cross who was in attendance) that he failed them as a leader who was seduced by worldly desires.

Rochelle seemed satisfied with the broken Bishop in the unforgettable scene that lead to the shocking conclusion where he suffers what appears to be a stroke while Lady Mae gushes about their wedding.

What do YOU think will happen in the series finale? We can’t wait to see what unfolds next. Hit the flip to check out what folks on Twitter had to say about last night’s stressful episode.

“I want the writers to be charged IMMEDIATELY #Greenleaf” – they’d deserve it

“Don’t take Bishop, lord. Take Karissa instead #Greenleaf” – you know what…

“STOP THIS RN” – Kerry doesn’t deserve this

“I just finished #Greenleaf. B*tch…” – yea, man…

“Me contacting the #Greenleaf writers about this episode:” – understandable

“Me headed down to Calvary to get the tea after reading Charity’s email” – haaaaaa

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“Us in the meeting listening to Bob lie #Greenleaf” – you already know

“Me when Charity starts singing after Bishop’s monologue” – yall ain’t right

“I understand Bishop Greenleaf isn’t a real person, but…#Greenleaf” – we feel you on this

“well damn, i don’t know what else to say #Greenleaf” – the last scene hit us hard

“Now why would you want to make us cry????” – it didn’t have to be this way



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