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Sens. Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Join Candidate Joe Biden At Michigan Campaign Rally On Eve Of Primary

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Welp. The wait is over. Kamala Harris will be alongside Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. The first African-American woman ever chosen for the big ticket.

For months now, Black women have been campaigning for Biden to pick a Black woman as his VP, their wishes have been granted.

Kamala Harris was widely panned as a presidential candidate largely because of her history as a prosecutor. The “Kamala is a cop” mantra was one of the most trending topics at almost each debate. To contrast, many people have been fans of the senator because of the way she handles witnesses during senate trials. In some ways, her professional past will make her one of the strongest foes that the Trump/Pence campaign has had to reckon with. Hell, she stabbed Joe Biden with a rusty shiv at the now-infamous debate where she challenged him on the issue of bussing.

Both Senator Harris’ daughter and sister are thrilled at the news.

And the tweeters, well, the tweeters are a-tweetin’.

What say you? Are you happy? Mad? Indifferent? Who did you want Biden to choose?


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