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Kamala Harris on The View

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It feels like it’s been forever since Kamala Harris ended her presidential campaign, especially considering the long and traumatic year we’ve endured since. Even with suspending her campaign, she is still fighting the good fight daily. She was one of the first political figures seen out protesting for racial equality and has also been seen helping ease tension between police and protesters. Though, some people on social media have had a hard time letting her controversial past go, her actions have since signaled a person who’s all about the people and fighting for them.

Recently, Kamala virtually stopped by daytime talk show The View to discuss the state of civil unrest across the country. When the chance came for host Meghan McCain to ask Kamala questions, she appeared to be trying to execute a “ha, gotcha” moment–but that quickly backfired.

“Many activists right now are calling for a defunding of the police,” McCain said citing the Minneapolis City Council voting in favor of dismantling that city’s police department. “I want to know from you, do you support defunding and removing the police from American communities, and if not, why do you think there is such a hard time being differentiated right now between defunding and reforming police departments?”

Kamala did her best to provide a simple breakdown about what “Defund The Police” really means, explaining that people are not talking about doing away with police officers completely, but simply the system as we know it. Meghan seemed to just ignore anything she said and kept pressing her initial point, repeatedly asking, “Are you for defunding the police?” and trying to get a yes or no answer. In the end, cohost Sunny Hostin was forced to jump in and break it down for Meghan once again.

You can watch Kamala outwit and school Meghan down below.


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