"Doubling Down With The Derricos" New Episode Reveals Deon And Karen's Loss

“Doubling Down With The Derricos” Exclusive: Prayers Up As Karen Is Hospitalized During Current Triplet Pregnancy! [VIDEO]

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Have you guys been watching TLC’s DOUBLING DOWN WITH THE DERRICOS? The show follows parents Karen and Deon Derrico as they navigate the ups and downs of raising their large, lovable family of 11 children with another set of triplets on the way.

The series premiered last Tuesday on TLC, with new episodes debuting weekly. This week’s episode begins with Deon dropping a pregnant Karen off at the hospital for bedrest before returning home to manage the household on his own for the next few weeks. We’ve got an exclusive clip to debut from tomorrow’s episode which features Deon’s mother Gigi surprising the grandkids to help out for the remainder of Karen’s pregnancy. Watch Gigi lead all 11 kids in a sweet prayer as their mom prepares for hospitalization in our exclusive clip below:


So precious right? We’re hoping everything goes well for Karen. Praying for the Derricos for sure!

In this Tuesday’s episode, we see Deon and Karen discussing the pain of losing a baby in their last pregnancy, which was also a set of triplets. Karen struggles with being away from her family. Are you excited for Karen to give birth? Imagine having to juggle three newborns while also managing a household of 11 other children from toddler to teen age!



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