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We’re OBSESSED with impossibly gorgeous “P-Valley” star Shannon Thornton who steals every scene with her phenomenal pole-swangin’ prowess on the wildly popular Starz series that has everybody BUZZING.

You may remember the flawless actress from “Power” where she played “Quinn Phillips” in a small role showcasing undeniable acting chops that shine, once again, on the addictive skripper series.

But, as we all know, being beautiful is a full-time job that she’s definitely mastered.

“I’m really big about investing in facials and chemical peels and stuff like that to keep my skin clear. I’m acne prone, it’s oily, she revealed to Essence in a newly released interview.

Every month we had so much makeup and with the dancing you’re sweating, and then they’re putting makeup on top of that. And we’re working 16-hour days sometimes, so I was having breakouts. And to calm that down a facial was very much needed and it made such a difference. That, and diet helps a lot with my skin. Staying away from dairy really helped with those hormonal breakouts around the chin and jawline.”

Oh, and yes, that’s her on the pole in most scenes. Well, kinda.

“We’re doing a lot of it, but we all have body doubles. We went into what’s pretty much skripper bootcamp as soon as we found out that the show had gotten picked up to series. We had been training privately with dance instructors for about five months. And then once we got to Atlanta, we trained again throughout for another five months, almost every single day. I dislocated my knee the first dance rehearsal in Atlanta. That’s how intense it is, and we’re doing a lot of it. We got pretty good.”

With all eyes on her and the stunning “P-Valley” cast, she’s embracing a truly monumental moment for Black women on TV.

“I’m just so proud to be Black. We are so gifted and we excel in everything that we put our minds to. It was really wonderful to be on a set with mostly a Black crew, every single person in hair and makeup was Black, the show runner is a Black woman who is an absolutely brilliant playwright.

The actors are mostly Black actors who are not household names yet. And we are showing up, and showing out, and showing you the beauty of Black culture, and we are shining a light on people who have been marginalized, and people who you don’t hear about often, or you don’t see represented in television and film.”

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