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Jacob Blake is in the hospital with seven gunshot wounds in his back from police officer Rusten Sheskey‘s service weapon. Today, we get word from his family via CNN that even as a victim of an unjust shooting Jacob has been handcuffed to his hospital bed like HE is the criminal! Jacob’s uncle Justin Blake told the network that Blake’s father is reportedly “heartbroken” to see his son treated this way.

“This is an insult to injury,” Justin Blake, the uncle of the victim, said. “He is paralyzed and can’t walk and they have him cuffed to the bed. Why?”

Neither Kenosha police nor the sheriff’s department nor the district attorney responded when asked to comment. Former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang also spoke to Jacob’s father and he expressed the same gutted disappointment.

“His father actually used the words ‘chains.’ He said my son is chained up,” Yang told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

And if that doesn’t make you shed a tear then this certainly will…

This is f***ed up. Period. THE MAN CANNOT WALK! We give a DAMN about whatever the bulls#!t a$$ “department policy” is to be implemented. Handcuffing Jacob Blake only serves to embarrass, humiliate, and debase a victim of unjust police violence.

Since Mr. Blake’s horrific shooting, the world has been in uproar demanding that the officers involved are held accountable and charged. The news also comes as a shock as a trial still hasn’t been announced for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who killed two people during Tuesday nights protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin and was allowed to go home before being detained by police in Illinois THREE DAYS LATER. These events playing out right before our eyes, give proof to the fact that the justice system has historically treated Black folks unfairly and inhumane.

F**k the police.



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