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David Dorn will likely be haunting his musty MAGA widow for the rest of her natural life if his daughters have any say in the matter.

The deceased and retired St. Louis police officer was shot dead while working security at a store during the George Floyd uprising. Last night, his widow, Ann Dorn, was used as a pawn by Donald Trump and the RNC in an attempt to scare white America into thinking that “angry coloreds are coming to destroy your pristine existence”.

A tearful Ann Dorn gave a brief speech that extolled the orange dirtbag as some protector of people and champion of citizen safety. She chided protesters for property damage and generally carried on like a Karen in mourning. Obviously, her grief is sincere even if her reason for being given such a huge platform is anything but.

Following Ann’s remarks, CNN’s Chris Cuomo had the daughters of David Dorn on his show and they made it very plain how they felt about Ann and the stunt she and the RNC pulled in the name of their beloved father. Peep what Debra White had to say: “I think my father is turning in his grave. He’s not resting in peace. I’m not resting in peace and that’s all I want.”

Lisa Dorn was even more direct about her father’s stance on Donald Trump: “My reaction to her speech is still the same, I just think it was not necessary. My father was a registered Democrat and he did not believe in any of President Trump’s policies or any of the executive orders that President Trump has put out.”


Thanksgiving is gonna be REALLY awkward this year. Peep the video below to hear parts of Ann’s speech and the full reaction of David Dorn’s daughters’ unflinching reactions…


How low down do you have to be to give a speech in support of a man who your dead husband despised



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